"Meet Panda Tea, a young brand that grew out of its founders’ passion for plant-based medicine and natural wellness. Our plant-based products, prepared by our in-house pharmacist and certified organic, are designed to allow you to meet your personal well-being and health goals.
We source responsibly-grown plants from all over the world, selecting them based on their quality and health benefits. At Panda Tea, we set the highest quality standards for our blends. Our plants are selected by our in-house pharmacist specialized in phytotherapy, and we regularly control the quality of our suppliers. Panda Tea is a part of a global movement, 1% for the Planet, which brings together organizations and entrepreneurs to help protect our planet. 
1% for the Planet members contribute at least one percent of their sales to environmental causes. 
The 1% for the planet label certifies that donations go to reputable NGOs
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"This visual campaign was the perfect way to express the benefits of the plants we put in our tea blends and give a taste of our product to our customers !" 
Thibault ALI - PharmD & Co-founder Panda Tea 
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